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Episode 45 | Fantastic results from trial of new sarcoidosis drug from aTyr Pharma

September 27, 2021

Atyr Pharma has just released the results of a patient trial of a drug called aTyr 1923.  The drug had shown early promise, and the trial more than verified that thinking.

Atyr 1923 Not only allowed patients to dose down or even off of Prednisone, but it actually improved lung function in patients -- something that is rarely if ever accomplished.

In this episode of the Sarc Fighter podcast, aTyr President and CEO, Dr. Sanjay Shukla joins me to talk about the results, the meaning behind the trial and what happens next, as this leading edge science advances to the next stage, and hopefully to the point where it becomes a solution for so many people in the Sarcoidosis space.


Read about the patient trial with aTyr 1923

Also -- Note that investors also believe in the promise of aTyr 1923:


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