Fighting sarcoidosis as well as other rare diseases.

Episode 4 Maggie Hudson of FSR on how we are fighting sarcoidosis

March 23, 2020

NOTE: This podcast was recorded in the early days of the caronavirus pandemic.  I made several references to the status of the precautions at the time of the recording.  They may seem outdated by the time you listen to this.  I already know that The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research has postponed its Chicago summit originally scheduled for April 3-5 to August 30 - September 1.  Here is the link.

This podcast is an introduction to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, which is fighting for funding to support research to beat sarcoidosis.  I interviewed Maggie Hudson, who is the communications manager for the Foundation.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of the fight against the disease.  I hope you will enjoy learning more about FSR and the potential for an eventual cure.

Please remember the Sarc Fighter podcast is uploaded every other Monday at 6 a.m.   But, during the month of April, sarcoidosis awareness month, I will be releasing an episode EVERY Monday profiling four people who are fighting sarc every day.

Here is the link to the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research:

World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders

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