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Episode 30 Kevin McDevitt’s sarcoidosis spread from his finger … to his heart!

March 15, 2021

For KevinMcDevitt, sarcoidosis went from an annoyance in his golf game to a life-threatening heart condition.  In Episode 30 of the Sarc Fighter podcast, Kevin tells about how things went from not so bad to awful very quickly.  Yet he is fighting back and 2021 promises to be much better for him than 2020.


Like many people, Kevin has fought his battle on two fronts -- with traditional medicine and an adjustment to his diet and lifestyle.   In this podcast Keven shares the details of his harrowing battle with sarcoidosis and all he is doing to get his body and his life back under control.

Also in this episode, I'll tell you about my attempt at the Elimination Diet.  As of this recording, I am 2/3 of the way through the 3 week diet that forbids sugar, dairy and grains.   Plus a bunch of other stuff.  I am doing this under the guidance of Lindsey Norenberg, of Nourish by Lindsey -- whose husband, Ryan joined me on Episode 27 to talk about how he is fighting the inflammation in his body through the use of an anti-inflammatory diet as well as CBD oil.  I hope you enjoy my update and continue to follow along with my progress as I slowly begin to add foods back to see what might trigger an inflammatory response!

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