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Episode 17 aTyr Pharma CEO Sanjay Shukla talks about how a new drug could be the answer for many sarc fighters!

September 14, 2020

aTyr Pharma is working on a drug that could be the answer for many Sarc Fighters -- especially that large percentage fighting pulmonary sarc - or sarcoidosis of the lungs.  aTyr CEO Sanjay Shukla joins me for this podcast to talk about how the drug interacts with a patient's body to prevent sarc from damaging the tissues and causing the damage we are so familiar with.  


The drug, called aTyr1923 is in the second stage of clinical trials.  It has shown great promise in mice, but the results in humans are still undetermined.  Why is aTyr willing to take on such an expensive and risky undertaking?  How do you try to cure a disease that has no known cause?  And why focus all your efforts on a relatively small number of potential patients?  I asked Sanjay all those questions, and he had some enlightening answers!

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