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Episode 13 Angela Frelander talks about how you can help fight Sarcoidosis

July 20, 2020

Angela Frelander is the person between you and a cure.  Ok -- I won't put it all on her shoulders, but without her, The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research and all the people working to make our lives better would not have the resources they need to keep going. Angela is the Director of Development for the Foundation.  It is her job to raise money in order to keep everything going. COVID-19 has made everything that much more difficult.  In this podcast, Angela talks about the challenges and how you can help.


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Many Thanks to Mark Steier and The White Hot Lizards for allowing their song, Zombie to be the official music of the Sarc Fighter Podcast!  Mark is a fellow sarc fighter and you can hear his story in Episode 12 of the Sarc Fighter Podcast!

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