Fighting sarcoidosis as well as other rare diseases.

Episode 27 Diet and CBD - Can they be effective? Ryan Norenberg offers proof.

February 1, 2021

Ryan Norenberg is fighting cardiac sarcoidosis with a one-two punch that includes the use of CBD oil and a holistic diet.  Many people who have appeared on the Sarc Fighter podcast have been frustrated by the lack of choices when it comes to treatment of their disease.  There is a menu of medicines that people are familiar with ranging from prednisone to Remicade to Imuran and others.  For many people, these are only marginally effective. 

So you ask yourself, "What if I just ate better?" or "Should I avoid certain foods?"

Ryan says yes.  In fact his wife is now a certified Holistic Nutritionist.

In addition, Ryan has turned to a newer alternative - CBD oil.  In this podcast, he explains how he uses this over-the-counter therapy to reduce inflammation. 

Give the podcast a listen and see if there isn't an opportunity for you to make some lifestyle adjustments, that could improve your situation.


Additional notes from Ryan!

Lindsey Norenberg's Website

Realm of Caring website

Here are a couple related to the Omega6/3 topic:

This is an abstract to a research document that one would need to pay for but you can get the idea of it in the abstract provided.

This is a good one I found geared more towards the layman.  It explains the importance while providing some specific information about different foods and sources of omega 6’s and 3’s.

As it is with CBD, it is important to get fish oil from a reliable source.  As it is unregulated, there is a potential of high mercury content.  Additionally, it is recommended to consume in a true liquid oil form that is stored and shipped at cooled temperatures vs capsules that have been on a store or warehouse shelf for unknown time at unknown temperatures.  I currently use Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega liquid available on Amazon and shipped with a cold pack.  I take 2800 mg/daily (1 teaspoon).


The probiotic I take is Ther Biotic complete.  This one has 12 strains of bacteria.


Here are some related to cannabinoid therapy:



This one focuses more on THC than CBD specifically but provides a good overview of our endocannabinoid system and how it works.

Here is a group related to inflammation


Research Library - Realm of Caring Foundation

Here is a group of research articles related to cannabinoids and their impact on immune function.

Here is a link to the Cleveland Clinic Healthy Living Shop.  The supplements on this site have been vetted by the CC and they consider trustworthy and reliable.  However, that doesn’t mean that there are not other good options out there but the buyer needs to beware.

This is my trusted source of CBD.  There are several other good ones out there as well.  They offer different types (gummies, oil, lotions…) and different ratios of CBD/THC ranging from 100% CBD isolate to full plant extract containing up to the .03% federal limit on THC content.



Here is an article I found describing the legislation that established the hemp laws.


Ryan also advises:


.03% THC adds up and is not completely negligible in its effects at higher doses.  The Realm of Caring can offer some support here as well. If you do decide to try CBD, I recommend you read up on the “entourage effect”.  You can find some articles on the Realm of Caring Research Library page.  Basically, studies are limited but there is evidence to believe that CBD is more effective in the presence of THC and other cannabinoids vs isolated by itself.  

Charlotte’s Web offers discounted pricing if you register with them and offers further discounts if you subscribe to recurring deliveries.  I have found the subscription to be the most cost-effective way to get it.